KB Designer Homes (KBDH) is a residential construction and remodeling project management company. All of our projects are completed to the highest standards of service and quality protocols as set by the KBDH Leadership Team. We look forward to partnering with you on your home renovation and repair needs.


Exterior of front of white wood frame house and front lawn.

KBDH offers a full range of speciality home repair/remodeling and construction management services, ranging from planning and design to implementation and project management.

Our homeowner-focused business model enables us to offer flexible and cost-effective solutions. All of our contractors and subcontractors meet our rigorous standards of quality, service and affordability, even on the smallest projects and repairs.


Thanks to you and your team for my

beautifully renovated home!


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If you would like to add, delete or modify line items to a new or in-progress project, please click the button below to have your request placed on our schedule as well as to obtain any price adjustments that may be generated as a result of your request. You may also submit any product/material decisions or changes.

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